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Newly added to Extreme Machine's lineup the Electrical Discharge Machine, or EDM, is a very precise and accurate machine used to meet the tightest of tolerances. The Electrical Discharge Machine, or EDM, works by burning material out of any conductive material. This burning is achieved from the heat of the electrical sparks between the work piece and a continuously feeding strand of wire that ranges from .006"  to  .012"  thick.  The exact temperature of the spark is unknown but can reach temperatures of over 20,000 degrees Fahrenheit.The spark is maintained through a dielectric fluid, in this case de-ionized water. The water is forced between the wire and the work piece to maintain good spark integrity as well as cooling and cleaning excess material from the work piece.

The EDM process begins with a conductive work piece grounded to the table; then a precise voltage is sent through the wire as it moves closer to the work piece, as the de-ionized water flows between the work piece and the spark a bridge is formed creating an electromagnetic field between the surfaces. This field draws ions and conductive debris form a connection between the work piece and the spark causing spark to cross the ionic bridge and burn through the work piece. 

Although the wire never touches the work piece, when the spark makes an initial connection with the work piece it vaporizes both the work piece and a fraction of the wire as well. This process continues through the part as the wire feeds through and vaporizes a path through the work piece. Because of this process the path that is vaporized is always slightly larger than the diameter of the wire. This helps from the wire burning through itself while also preventing the wire from touching the part and creating a grounded circuit. The particles that are vaporized are then flushed out of the slot to keep from buildup and maintain a precise spark throughout the process.

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